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Note: most buildings in the database include Total Building data only. Other categories contain limited data.
   Energy / Efficiency Metric

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    1. Lab Area / Gross Area ratio
         is greater than or equal to  and is less than or equal to
   2. Occupancy hours per week
         Standard (≤80 hours)
         High (>80 hours)
         Both (all data)
   3. Lab Type
      Chemical       Biological       Chemical/Biological
      Physical       Combination/Others
   4. Lab Use
   5. Climate [Climate Code, Climate Type, Representative City]
     (Click here to see map of climate zones)
       All Climate Zones        1A, Very Hot - Humid (Miami, FL)
       2A, Hot - Humid (Houston, TX)        2B, Hot - Dry (Phoenix, AZ)
       3A, Warm - Humid (Memphis, TN)        3B, Warm - Dry (El Paso, TX)
       3C, Warm - Marine (San Francisco, CA)        4A, Mixed - Humid (Baltimore, MD)
       4B, Mixed - Dry (Albuquerque, NM)        4C, Mixed - Marine (Salem, OR)
       5A, Cool - Humid (Chicago, IL)        5B, Cool - Dry (Boise, ID)
       6A, Cold - Humid (Burlington, VT)        6B, Cold - Dry (Helena, MT)
       7, Very Cold (Duluth, MN)        8, Subarctic (Fairbanks, AK)
   6. Measured and Estimated data
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